Maintenance & Servicing

Get better cost control and cash flow management with easy, fixed monthly billing. When we manage maintenance and servicing you get maximum efficiency with minimum effort and downtime.

Tax Advantages

Easily and accurately keep track of vehicle operating expenses with our cloud-based tools. Maximise tax advantages, avoid overpaying FBT, and save time on paperwork.*

Fuel Savings

Save on fuel spend with generous discounts per litre. A monthly invoice keeps things simple and saves time spent recording and processing individual receipts.

Reporting Tools

As your fleet grows, your productivity should too. Online tools save you time and give you the detailed information you need to manage this operating expense.


Use real data to provide a safer on-road workplace, optimise vehicle efficiency, and reduce unnecessary expenses.


Adding insurance to your lease simplifies paperwork and coordination with multiple suppliers. You get peace of mind, convenience, and cash flow advantages with manageable monthly payments.